In the design of this apartment, the goal was to create a warm and contemporary environment, with special attention to the TV area and the bedroom area.

The walnut canaletto wall used for the TV area represents the centerpiece of the entire space. This material, with its warm tones and the natural beauty of wood, adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to the environment.

To accentuate the modern character of the furnishings, anthracite-colored lower cabinets have been incorporated next to the walnut wall. The choice of anthracite imparts a sense of depth to the environment. This chromatic contrast creates an interesting balance between the two materials, adding a touch of understated contemporaneity.

Regarding the functional aspect, particular attention has been paid to cable management and the powering of electronic devices. The project includes a concealed wiring system in the lower compartment, contributing to maintaining the visual cleanliness of the environment. The slot intentionally left between the wood paneling and the supporting shelf has been carefully designed to allow for discreet and efficient passage of connections.

In the bedroom area, consistency with the design concept of the living space has been maintained. In this case as well, the focus was on a few key elements, and essence panels were chosen to embellish and warm up the environment.



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