MOGG has a very precise, fresh, curious soul and identity that aims to amaze and be amazed, and looks for competent interlocutors and their concept (even foolish people and dreamers), their enthusiasm, work and intuition to appreciate the new and modern concept of living. On the other hand, if we are not able to be surprised, everything falls into the already seen, the already done and the routine of those commercial proposals with which the world of furniture is saturated. Which is what we will try to avoid if we want to build and propose a design collection that leaves a mark and distinguishes from already seen design.

MOGG is synonymous with pieces, accessories and objects with a clean, recognizable and memorable design, in which aesthetic emotion and functionality merge, so as to be able to characterize spaces, environments, modern projects and design with an intense note but not too much, but also bourgeois or even more classic.

The products of the collection range from the small padded piece of furniture to the metal coffee table, to the wooden container to the piece in solid cedar, highlighting a common denominator of great modernity for the ability to grasp the stimuli, needs and tastes of heterogeneous and cultured customers, with a marked sensitivity to irony and research. The result is a democratic product capable of meeting tastes, needs and budgets, where exclusivity lies not in cost but in originality, refinement and awareness of purchasing a unique product. The product is unique not because it is made in a limited series but because it distinguishes from any other product already on the market.