In the renovation of this former shop in the heart of Verona, we have combined the originality of the environment with the functionality of a modern living space.

The original structure of the building, with its wooden and iron ceiling in the living area, has been preserved and enhanced, creating a fascinating contrast with the geometric flooring of the kitchen, which adds a touch of modernity and dynamism to the space.

The client, a fan of vintage items revisited with vibrant colors, wanted furniture that would highlight these elements without creating a chaotic atmosphere. To meet this request, we opted for a palette of neutral colors for the kitchen, choosing white and black as the main shades. This choice allowed us to create a visual balance, avoiding the environment from becoming too crowded or cluttered.

The absence of wall cabinets in the kitchen further allowed us to enhance the liquor cabinet structure above the island, which serves as a divider between the living area and the kitchen. This element, besides being functional, characterizes the uniqueness of the furniture.

The mirror near the hood, the jars of tomatoes, and the table, with their chromatic intensity, become focal points and add liveliness to the environment. These elements, emphasized by the natural light entering through the windows, create a pleasant atmosphere, making the space cozy and lively, yet at the same time elegant and refined.



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