The Open Space concept is a contemporary living philosophy that values the continuity of spaces. Minimalist furnishings have been chosen to enhance the sense of openness and brightness. The use of natural wood, with its intrinsic grain and warmth, combined with anthracite lacquer, creates a perceptual balance that “warms up” the environment while maintaining a clean and modern aesthetic. These materials are echoed in the kitchen and living room to establish aesthetic coherence and visual continuity.

The optical effect comes to life in the Nori table and Kristalia’s LP chairs through the black-and-white contrast. This contrast helps define and visually separate different functional areas without the use of dividing walls.

The welcoming atmosphere is evident from the entrance, starting with wooden slats, a natural element that introduces warmth and texture, and hanging lamps near the half-moon mirror, providing soft and inviting illumination, welcoming guests into a refined and well-crafted environment. The subdivision of the spaces has been managed to create a sensation of amplitude and freedom, allowing the typical spatial fluidity of an open space while enhancing each area according to its specific purpose.

The leather sofa, a central element in the living area, follows the project’s guidelines, acting as a  trait d’union between the spaces. Its configuration is an invitation to relax and socialize, and the chosen material perfectly matches the elegance of the environment.

Lighting choices are crucial in every interior design project, and this case is no exception. The presence of backlit areas creates an intimate and enveloping atmosphere, while strategically placed designer lamps not only illuminate but also enrich the space.

Every detail in this open space has been carefully considered to furnish a home that is simultaneously functional, aesthetically pleasing, and welcoming. The solutions in this project have been designed to offer a high-level living experience, where beauty merges with practicality, creating a perfect blend of form and function.



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