In the approach to the design of this kitchen, the separation from the living area represents an opportunity to create a functional yet intimate space, where the matte pebble color chosen for the Zampieri Cucine Line model seamlessly blends with the Diamond Cream stoneware of the worktop. This chromatic combination not only optimizes the perception of space but also enhances the natural brightness of the room by playing with the light that reflects off the surfaces.

The choice of a light color for the kitchen, capable of harmonizing with the warmth of the walls, was designed to establish a visual dialogue with the natural wood of the exposed beams and the peninsula’s counter table. These wooden elements, characterized by their intrinsic tactile and visual richness, thus become the protagonists of the space, bringing a sense of warmth and welcoming ambiance that invites conviviality and socialization.

By integrating a palette of light colors with black/gray accents, the aim was to give the kitchen a modern and sophisticated look. Accessories and appliances, such as backsplashes, cooktop, oven and mixer, become discreet yet elegant focal points that stand out without overwhelming, contributing to a sense of balance and aesthetic coherence.

To meet the request for a practical and spacious worktop, despite the kitchen compact, intelligent solutions were chosen to maximize space utilization. The selected solution not only provides a comfortable working surface but is also designed to organize small everyday appliances systematically, ensuring optimal efficiency without compromising style.

The choice of high-quality materials, attention to detail, and consideration for overall harmony make this kitchen a welcoming, functional, and aesthetically pleasing space. The project highlights how a custom-made design can:

– meet practical needs without sacrificing aesthetics;

– create an environment that invites daily use and adapts perfectly to the available space;

– reflect the client’s personality and fulfill their specific requests.



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