We are excited to present our interior design project for this stunning three-story building. Each floor has been carefully curated to reflect the living needs and individual sensitivities of those who will inhabit it. The ground floor was conceived as a convivial space, a place where the family can gather and share precious moments.

To ensure the essentiality of the spaces, we have chosen iconic design furnishings that embody timeless elegance. Among these, the Vitra Lounge Chair, a classic design piece that adds comfort and style. Jean Nouvel’s Graduate bookshelf not only provides a functional element for organizing books but is also a work of art in itself.

The upper floors accommodate the sister and brother, each with their own distinct style and tastes. However, we have maintained a common thread of design and simplicity. The chairs and table by Charles & Ray Eames add a touch of sophistication, while the Potence lamp and the Standard table with chairs by Jean Prouvé give an elegant look.

One of the most exciting challenges was the creation of a bedroom on the second floor with an original touch. Here we opted for unique wallpaper and a panel with lateral light cuts, creating a welcoming and at the same time contemporary environment. This element adds an artistic dimension and creates a unique atmosphere in the room.

Overall, the result is a harmonious combination of iconic design, functionality, and personality. Each piece has been carefully chosen to reflect the family’s lifestyle and create an environment that not only meets their daily needs but is also a haven of beauty and comfort.



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